Welcome to my webpage.  I have tried to make it educational, informative and easy to read.  My goal is to give you insight about California probate law and the court system in Los Angeles County in order to empower you.*

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Why select me as your mediator?

Experience, Cost and Location


Over the last two decades, I have been counsel for fiduciaries, beneficiaries, conservators, conservatives, will contestants, and defenders of estate planning documents. I have handled hundreds of probates, guardianship and conservatorship proceedings, and I STILL DO, which means that I am familiar with the local judges, the probate staff and “how” the court systems works from the point of view of a consumer/litigation attorney.

I have been a trustee and estate administrator, so when I am told that it took 3 hours to change the name on an account, I will find that highly credible.

I went to law school to be an elder-law – probate – conservatorship attorney and I feel blessed to be able to work in an area of law that allows me to alleviate some of the deeply personal and important problems that so many of us face. (Myself included as one of the younger baby boomers.)

Not only did I participate in the Los Angeles County mediation training program, but I have been a CRASH mediator in Glendale, a pro bono mediator for Los Angeles probate and civil departments, and I have conducted numerous private mediations as well. I do not expect to compete with the many fine retired judges who are also available to assist you. I would like to provide a less expensive alternative to Los Angeles litigants and counsel when private mediator is preferable to “hallway mediation” but the cost of a retired judge is prohibitive. Speaking of cost…


My hourly rate for mediations is $360.00. There is no “start up” fee, no administrative fee, just $360.00 an hour, from start to finish. If you cancel, I will refund any fees advanced right up to the day of mediation. I always have something to do, so a cancellation does not warrant a penalty, At times, it might generate a thank you note.

I also do not have a minimum number of hours. I trust that the attorneys involved will know their cases better than I do, and if counsel agree that two hours is enough, we’ll give it a try. (I would highly recommend not coming here for less than 2 hours…that’s barely enough time to find the cafeteria.) I do not serve lunch or cookies, unless requested in advance, but you will find many places to eat near my office, which leads me to location…


Manhattan Beach Studio. Easy to access from the 105, 110 and 405 freeways. Rosecrans Avenue boasts some of the best restaurants in Los Angeles including: Flemmings (across the street), Houstons, and Il Fornario. On the lighter side, there is Noah’s Bagels, Jamba Juice (my personal favorite for a quick pick-me-up), barbecue, sushi, Subway, and for coffee addicts: Starbucks across the street, Coffee Bean and Tea Leat next door.

If you have a little down time, watch t.v. in our state of the art conference rooms, or enjoy the free Wifi.

Sounds good? But wait, there is more: my office IS located on a working movie studio. There is always something going on, whether its a small crowd of “1950’s mothers” attending a casting event, or a table full of Gladiators sitting down to lunch on the back lot.

Lisa MacCarleyAbout Lisa MacCarley

Lisa attended Loyola Law School and was admitted to practice law in California in 1992. A former New York state resident, she attended SUNY – Cortland. After visiting Los Angeles to merely thaw out after four long years in the arctic tundra known as Upstate New York, Lisa fell in love with the City of Angels and has lived here ever since. Occasionally, Lisa will refer to herself as a “cool girl from the South Shore,” but her heart belongs to Southern California.

Lisa specializes in all aspects of the California probate code: Estate planning, probate, guardianships, conservatorships and of course, trusts.

Lisa loves being an attorney because she has the privilege of helping people with important, sometimes overwhelming, problems. “Helping others,” she says, “is the best part of my job.” Those of us who know her will tell you she repeats her thanks for it every day.

Office Location

Media Center - Manhattan Beach
Manhattan Beach MBSMy law office is located in sunny Manhattan Beach,
at the state-of-the-art Media Center.

1600 Rosecrans Avenue
4th Floor – Media Center
Manhattan Beach, CA  90266

Phone 310-321-7642
Fax 310-321-7810

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Lisa MacCarley office map, Manhattan Beach, CA
Margaret Napier Manhattan Beach

Glendale Office

500 North Brand Boulevard
Suite 1030
Glendale, CA 91203

Contact Us

Phone 310-321-7642
Fax 310-321-7810


Mailing Address:
1600 Rosecrans Avenue
Media Center
Manhattan Beach, CA  90266

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